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The MSA University, Faculty of Dentistry in Egypt sponsors a quarterly journal that focuses on the study, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of oral cavity diseases, disorders, and related structures and tissues. This peer-reviewed open access journal includes case reports, case series, statement papers, letters to the editor, as well as exploratory and analytical research in oral health care, all leading to scientific and technological advancements in dentistry.

The MSA Dental Journal is an interdisciplinary general dentistry journal that caters to the needs of general practitioners with clinically relevant articles based on scientific evidence. The Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Nader Elbokle, Co-Editor-in-Chief, Asst. Prof Dina Elawady, and the editorial board members are committed to providing dental practitioners worldwide with high-level research, useful clinical procedures, educational short case reports, and clinical notes. The journal strives to publish a high-quality selection of articles in various specialties and disciplines in dentistry, and it places a strong emphasis on rigorous yet timely manuscript reviews.

Current Issue: Volume 3, Issue 2, April 2024